T2 w/ Androsol??

I’m considering using T2 at the same time as androsol, you know, get lean and big. Is this wise? I was also thinking of incorporating some Methoxy-7 into the equation. OT: Are you Surge users experiencing any fat loss from using it? thanks

I was wondering about the EXACT same thing. Looking forward to a T-Mag reply…

I am doing the same thing, somewhat. I am taking Androsol 100 sprays 2x a day, T2 3x a day, and Surge post-workout. The only insulin spike I would say I get all day is the Surge, other than that, it is complex and low GI carbs for me. I was wondering if the Surge would cause a problem. My goal is to lose fat while not sacrificing muscle. Oh, and I will be taking MD 6 starting today, full dosage.

Duncan: let us know how it goes for you. Muscle gains, fat loss etc. Keep us posted. peace

Just wanted to bump this post forward. Bill, Brock, Cy, Chris, anybody? I, too, am looking to use both T2 and N/Androsol. Can they be used together? Or, do you have to cycle off one for a certain period of time before using the other? Your answers to our never ending questions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! :slight_smile: