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T2 vs. T2 Pro

I started a cutting cycle and want to add in Biotests T2 Pro (contains Forskolin). Well at my gym, I found that they carry the old T2 product (Diiodothyronine)…and it is on the 1/2 off shelf. So my question is: Is one formula better than the other? Thanks!

I tdepends how long you are cutting for and what BF % you are at already. If you are at a high body fat already, like say above 15 or 17 percent I wouldn’t bother using either. If however you are maybe like 12 % and want to get down a little further the optimal situation would be to use T2 for 6 weeks(It is more potent, closer to thyroid drugs BB use) and wbhile you are off of T2 for 6 weeks use T@ Pro to jack you r thyroid back up to normal, high normal functioning.
If you are doing a short cutting (session 6 weeks or less) use T2 because as I said it is more potent, but make sure you don;t use it for more than 6 weeks without a 6 week break as it will shut your thyroid down. Before you pay any money consider that it is a supplemental thing for aiding in that last bit of stubborn fat not really for people who are a high BF%. Also not that netrition.com has it on for 14.95(T2), maybe that is a lower price than your gym. Hope this helps,

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It depends on what you want. One way to look at T2-Pro and T2 is the old SAT analogy

T2 is to Mag-10 as T2-Pro is to Tribex T2-Pro enhances your natural thyroid production, while T2 will help to increase your thyroid production when your thyroid slows down due to low calories. Right now, I’m on a cutting cycle and using three capsules of T2 per day, and I think that’s the way to go if you’re going to be dialed in to your cutting cycle. Then, you can follow with T2-Pro to help with thyroid suppression.

Thank you for your responses. They are very helpful.