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T2 vs. T2 Pro

Hey Guys - Is the primary difference between T2 and T2 Pro the fact that you do not need to cycle off of T2 Pro. I am cutting for the next six weeks and can get T2 for less then 1/2 the price of T2 Pro. However if the newer version is that much better I’ll just bite the bullet. Any thoughts or comments?

they are 2 totally different products. look at their labels. do a search on the sites you are buying them from. if it is a good site they should have the labels. T2 is an actual hormone one step away from actually being the thyroid hormone. T2-pro is actually forskolin which helps your body naturally produce more thyroid hormone. laters pk

PK- Do you have a preference. My fat loss has leveled out and upping the cardio has not produced the desired results.

pk is correct. The orinigal T2 is as close to an actual thyroid hormone as you can get withoput a prescription.

I won't get to descriptive with the differences between the products, because te information is very available to you, though.

My advice, is to use T2 for roughly 4 weeks, then take two weeks off during which you use T2-Pro; that should keep your thyroid going and give it time to recover. After that, if you still want to lose fat, use the T2 for another few weeks, and follow it up with the Pro.

Just be aware that this can be a pretty catabolic combination if you cut calories too low. Keep an eye on the scale.

Hope this helps.

i recommend t2 while on fat fast and t2-pro for other times when you want to kick start your thyroid alittle. I look at t2-pro as the tribex and the original t2 as the mag-10. I like john roman’s idea. laters pk

Thanks PK - That analogy cleared it up for me.