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T2 Timing

I just received a shipment of T2, Surge and Advanced Protein. I’m excited to workout tonight and then try Surge, after a about an hour, I’ll give the AP a try. Everyone says all this stuff tastes so good, we’ll see.

What I don’t know is when to take the T2? It says to take is 3 times and day and so I would quickly assume that it would be with each of the major meals, morning, noon and night. Since I’m going to be incorporating T2 and MD6 together, when should I take these things? I want to be able to fall asleep around 11 pm but I workout around 6 pm so MD6 right before that is probably not a good idea. Would T2 keep me awake? Sorry for the the questions being so out of order. And I did research T2 on the site but never did find timing on it. Thanks for the help and i’ll give you my opinion on Surge/AP tastes tonight.

Just bumping this up.

First off, start with “light” dose of MD6. The new formula is POTENT! Try one cap before breakfast, one before lunch, and one in the afternoon around 4. That last dose is very dependant on the individual. Some can sleep fine taking a cap or two as late as 6 or 7. Not me. My last dose is around 4 or 5 if I want to fall asleep at 11-- but, everyone is different here.

Work your way up (if needed) to 6 caps of MD6 per day. Take two at a time at the times indicated. Personally, I take five a day, taking only one cap at 4 or 5pm and two the other times.

T2 can be taken about the same times. Although T2 works great for me (I can lose fat faster and break through plateaus with it), it doesn’t give me much stimulation. So I’ve taken T2 as late as 7 and slept fine. Again, it’s an individual thing. Take three caps of T2 per day. Some need less, some have used more with success. Up to you.

Holly Smoke! MD6 Rocks! I took ONLY one this morning just to see how I feel (in the past, had to take two)… and Wow… I feel it big time. I am totally WIRED, am going to love this.

Just being honest here. First thanks for the info on the timing and TC emailed giving some advice as well. The Surge, wow is that stuff sweet!!! I used to mix Maltodextrin into my post drink workout and it has that same super sweet taste. I can handle that and I’m hoping it will help my recovery time. I would love to mix it will milk or something but I have been warned to not to do that since it’s got all the right ratios already in the mix. My verdict on Surge, I like it.

Advanced Protein. TC says I’m the only (literally) that doesn’t like the taste. Go figure. I have loved every Biotest Product I have, MD6, ZMA and now Surge and we’ll see how T2 has worked over the next month. As for the AP, I just thought it was too sweet and reminded me of Myoplex, so I gave the rest of the mix to my friend and he drank it and loved it. I guess I’m just picky. Chris, you said that the new MD6 is super potent. I bought a lot about a year ago and since I didn’t do much cutting back then I have a few bottles of the older formula. Which one is more effective? Can MD6 go bad? As much as I’d like to save a buck or two, I’d reorder some new MD6 if this stuff went stale and/or the new formula is better.

Krak- No, I don’t think MD6 would “go bad” in that amount of time. Personally, the new MD6 blows away the old in my opinion. I like the extra energy it gives me, plus the addition of 5-HTP makes it really easy to control carb intake.

I’d say to go ahead and use the old stuff first, though. It’s still plenty effective for fat loss even though I much prefer the new formula.

You don’t like the taste of AP? Freak!!! Commie!!! :slight_smile:

Chris, would you recommend taking MD6 and T2 during a bulking phase? I know these are usually used for cutting, but would it make sense to supplement with this stack in order to prevent fat accumulation while on a high-calorie diet? I posted this question months ago but no one seemed to respond. Thanks.

GrowtH- Normally, I don’t recommend adding fat burner-type products if you’re trying to bulk up. I’ve seen too many skinny guys eat Ripped Fuel like candy and wonder why they can’t add muscle (their metabolisms are obviously fast enough.)

The only time I’d suggest using MD6 on a mass gaining diet is right before training to jack you up for a tough workout.

T2 is a different story. There are two types of people when it comes to bulking diets. The first type can bulk up without adding much fat. The second type tends to add too much fat while on a mass diet, even if they’re careful with calories. I belong to the latter group. When I get ready to add muscle in a hurry, I know I have to say goodbye to my abs, or at least the bottom four. So during my last mass phase, I took three caps of T2 per day to try to minimize fat gain. And it worked! Yes, I put on some fat (I was eating like a pig, using Androsol, and training twice a day) but not near as much as I normally would. I gained several pounds of muscle, too. For me, I won’t go into a mass phase without T2 from this point on.

Now, I would not give this same advice to a really skinny guy who can’t seem to gain any kind of weight.

Can you gain mass while using both products and a bulking diet? Sure, enough food can overpower even the best fat loss stack- and MD6/T2 is the best fat loss stack! (That’s not bullshit advertisement either. I’ve used clen and T3 and had much better results with MD6/T2.) Still, for most people I’d say no MD6 when bulking up (except as an occasional pre-workout booster). T2 would be fine though if you catch yourself getting a little too “bulky” while bulking up.

Thanks Chris … my cutting cycle ends this week, as does my MD6/T2 stack. So next week when I start the bulking phase, I’ll keep tabs on my BF% and if, after 4 weeks, it’s undesireable, I’ll hop back onto T2. Yeah, I fall into your category … fat likes to cling to me, the damn stuff!

Just wanted to thank you for the elaborate response on MD6 & T2. I was wondering about T2 use during a bulking phase and appreciated the detail of your response. As for MD6, I’ve used Adipokinetix with 5HTP and flax seed oil (for the ALA) because it works out cheaper, but maybe I need to quit being so cheap!

I could’ve sworn that you should take T2 and MD6 30 mins before your meals. I have been getting good results from doing this. I take both MD6 and T2 in the morning before breakfast. MD6 before workout. MD6 before the meal after the surge drink(surge is wonderful!!!) Then on an empty stomach take MD6 and T2 before my 4:00p.m meal and T2 30mins before my late night meal. Chris, what do you think of this? Oh Krak, I can’t believe you don’t like Advanced Pro. I can’t drink enough of that stuff. Oh well, everybody has different taste, that just saves more for me, he he. Hope this helps. Happy lifting.

Me not liking Advanced Pro, I know feel like a freak. It’s possible that I wasn’t really paying attention to my scoopage. Do you think it’s a big deal that I used milk instead of water? Thanks to all for the T2 advice.

to “newbie to Chris”: you seem to be attempting to replicate the ingredcients of MD6, but by combining them from disparate sources. If that’s the case, let me point out that the ALA in flax oil is NOT the ALA that’s in MD6. MD6 is Alpha Lipoic Acid, a powerful and expensive antioxidant. The ALA in flax oil is Alpha Linoleic Acid, an Omega-3 fat. Since the new MD6 is insanely powerful, I also find that one cap every 2-3 hours instead of 2 caps at once is my best choice. But I want to make sure I get my full 600-800mg of alpha lipoic acid a day (to maintain the effective dosage), so I supplement my single MD6 caps with a cap of ALA.