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T2 Target Audience

I will post this again as a seperate post as I did not get a response when it was buried as just a reply. Anyway, who is the target audience for this new T2? What does it do for the guy who has been working out for years, is not huge, but just well built, with a BF of around 10%? What will it do for me? Is T2 just like some super thermogenic to help you boost your matabolism and burn fat, or what?

good question, that’s exactly what i want to know. sounds like me brother, so hopefully someone will respond…i’ll be waitin.

i am just like u guys, im 16, 5 9, 154 lbs, 8.5% bf. I wanna get to 6.5% for summer but cut too much food. Will this do it?

I think that “super thermogenic to burn fat”
could give a false expectation. Ultimately,
fat loss is calories generated vs. calories
eaten, and it takes a big deficit, about 3500
cal, to account for just one pound of fat. There is nothing out there (barring stuff that is highly dangerous and miserable to use) that, while keeping
diet same as what has gotten you fat, will have
you suddenly losing fat at a stunning rate like 5 lb per week (as some might hope for) or 2 lb per week. Fact is, if diet is kept same as what has been maintaining the given level of fat, adding T2 will be worth no more than 1.0 lb
per week. And may be worth only 0.5 lb per
week depending on the individual.

Now, actually this is quite good… losing
5-10 lb of fat in the next 10 weeks without
even trying is a nice result.

When actually dieting, so that there is
already significant fat loss, thyroid supplementation becomes more useful because
natural levels are lowered by the dieting and the supplementation is more beneficial. Here, an extra pound per week fat loss is a reasonable

More importantly, it can allow people to
achieve what they otherwise might not reasonably be able to achieve. Many people
“stall out” at fat loss at some point that
is still considerably away from where they’d
like to be. Moderate thyroid supplementation, including with T2, can get them well past their sticking point pretty easily, and quite safely.

I can’t tell you how many competitors I’ve trained over the past 15 years . .prepped for and won titles AND . . each one had to clean up the diet before any supplement worked.
We used to start off with the adage, “If you can’t hunt it or grow it . .don’t eat it”- after about 6 weeks on this, they were clean inside and out - then became the counting grams and calories, etc. . .protein and EFA emphasis with a concurrent drop in starch carbs and dairy . .and then in came the supplements . .RIPPED FUEL to the more elegant thyroid analogues, etc. .
Just pace and ease into it . .an overnight “switch” can lend to a systemic stress creating temporary water/ fat retention . .often mistaken for diet ineffectiveness.
My two cents anyhow
Mike Demeter BPHE CSCS CFA Cert. Nutritionist
Senior Trainer: GoodLife Fitness Clubs, Toronto

So, Bill, if I understand you correctly, you’re saying that basically anyone who is currently on a “stasis” diet (in terms of calories in and out) can start taking T2 and experience fat loss without doing much else? Man, if that happens I’ll be Biotest’s bitch forever. I’m one of those guys whose bodyfat percentages (love handles) just don’t ever seem to go change much, no matter how much weight I gain or lose. With MD-6, although it was excellent for suppressing my appetite, I didn’t really see much in the way of results. But I’m always willing to try new stuff from you guys.

I’m actually pretty psyched about this product, since I can never seem to get below 7% BF without losing an unacceptable amount of strength and LBM. I’m just bummed that it isn’t available now, as my wife and I are going to the Carib in May and it would’ve been cool to be there in a really ripped state. Oh well, next year I guess. (Of course, by then I’ll have the added benefit of Bill’s new prohormone, plus my wife and I can lay around the beach all day stoned on Brock’s Euphoria. Excellent… :slight_smile:

Bill, I’m with you, I can’t seem to get below 7% BF either. I usually go on a high protein, low carb diet for 2 weeks and get down to around 7 or 8%, but would like to get a little leaner to show more abs. By the way, my 2 week diet centers around 2 days at 30 carbs, then 2 days at 90 grams, then back to 30, then 90, and eventually getting down to 20 near the end of the 2 week, then I start to carb up. Does that sound about right, then if I add MD6 and T2, plus keep on my Androsol and Norandro. You think that will cut me up pretty good? I also have in the past taken Traxatone, but I assume I should not take Traxatone if I am taking T2, or will T2 not hit the water retention below the skin, so that I should also take Traxatone. I just don’t want to overdose on thermogenics.

Just making a post to keep this thread going in hopes that Bob Kennedy will respond to my question about my 2 week ripped diet.

To echo a couple of the other responses; DIET, DIET, DIET. Constantly taking a more comprehensive approach to what, how, and when you eat is the key to success for getting lean. It seems that many guys fail to explore new approaches to diet and look to some type of supplement or drug to do the work for them. While thermogenics and other fat burning supplements help, the diet is the key. How frequently are you eating? What are your macronutrient profiles? Do you keep a detailed diet/supplement journal? What kind of time frames do you give yourself for achieving your goals (it takes time to get lean naturally)? Constant attention to detail will enable you to reach your goals. I’ve been where you are. Stay focused on the basics.

Dan, I don’t think Bob participates in the forum on weekends.

Dan: For a number of reasons, I’m not a real big fan of excessively restricting carbs to lose bodyfat, so I just basically cut my caloric intake and use Androsol to keep from losing muscle mass. T2 sounds very promising, though, if only to get me past the 7% plateau that I always seem to hit. I obviously don’t want to have that low of BF on a consistent basis, but it would be interesting to try it a least once.

Since my bodyfat is about 11-13%, I thought I’d give this stuff a try. I’m not cutting calories and want to get leaner while keeping size and strength. I eat clean, and just hate having love handles that haven’t gone away for a while. I doubt I could lose more than 6-10lbs of fat. In fact, I wouldn’t want to be losing more than that because I’d shrink up! You guys have any suggestions? I’ve posted my current eating habits online before, and it’s pretty good. Much of it is based on John Berardi’s recommendations. I’m hitting the weights three days a week, and also incorporating combat conditioning and other activities during the other days of the week.