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T2 & T3

T3 is the thyroid hormone that increases metabolism. Taking T3 down regulates natural production of T3 by the thyroid…if you use enough of it. T2 Pro is supposed to increase natural production of T3 by the thyroid. So, what happens if you take both, say at a dose of 25 mcg. T3 and 3 caps of T2 a day? More metabolism boost than either alone? Nothing? Grow a third eye? (assuming you don’t already have one) Just curious about a purely hypothetical situation that a friend of mine thought up.

Hard to say. If you’d said 12.5 mcg/day
of T3, I’d expect the T2 Pro would still
enhance natural thyroid production, that
not having been inhibited much at all
by the supplemental T3.

Or if you’d said 50 mcg/day, I’d expect
the T2 Pro would have no chance to work,
natural thyroid production being pretty
much shut down.

At 25 mcg/day, you’re in the middle. I’d
guess still some effect in helping maintain
natural thyroid production but by no means
would I consider that certain.