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T2-Results and Pics

Well, the second official Alberta T-Cell gathering has been concluded (sort of). We had a great turnout with some new faces and some old classics. . .

Unfotunately I don’t have any pics of the weekend as I was armed only with a film camera and the scanning has not yet begun. However, I’m certain more than a few of the participants came well equiped (with cameras people, cameras). So, post on and let the envy begin to flow. . .


Well, I’ll start uploading in about an hour. I’ve got to go to the gym and try a few things you guys taught me last nite.

Stu, I seriously want to learn Judo. Holy crap, you’re a serious bad-ass.

As per request, I will try to come up with something amusing to say for each photo, so be patient.

dr. d

I was thinking since this seems to be a regular event, which is awsome we need a name for ourselves, something with more pizzaz then ‘The Alberta T-Cell’

Something flashy. . .

Something cool. . .

How about

The A-Team!

Well just a thought. It was awsome to see so many great people again.

Oh, and Cupcake I let you pass on that last lap. Figured you could use the fresh air.


Son of flame shirt…
I spotted this guy in the crowd. He looked homeless, I mean harmless…

oops, didnt work. back to square one.

For starters, here’'s the Cassineator.

Craig, demonstrating a typical Choke Hold for me, without hurting me in the process.
Stu would have passed out in about 2 more seconds, from the looks of it.

ps. Craig, good luck on that Police Officer Entrance Exam. This hold should ensure you get in.

Son of Flame-Shirt Lives!

Stu is practicing for his own Farmer’s Walk, with each yellow weight = 230 pounds.

Moe, Larry, and Curly

No sooner did the 'Cake get off the phone from ordering food, than it appeared at the doorway. Now that’s service. T-Service…

Jacalyn, Vixen with the Fixen’s…

During the “Feats of Strength” round, a wrestling match broke out. Or a Lambada. I can’t remember, but either way, someone got hurt. In the Nards.

King Louis the Lipstand the VIIIth ruled over the salsa that night. His stories of his dog (Half wolf, half Malamute) entertained us all.

Okay, so Stu can do a handstand, then walk around for a bit, then do pushups with ZERO assistance. Why, ladies, is this guy not yet married? Pure strength man.

Another Great T-Cell gathering
thank you all for a very memorial day. Next time someone else gets the pedal car.

Sturat, and his new sidekick SmileyBoy. Off to conquer the universe, one Judo Chop at a time.

Judo FatBastard Tossing Demonstration. I never knew what hit me. This explains my concussion this morning.

Say the wrong thing, get your nose broken. How simple is that? These truly are words to live by.

Jac-attack and the Cupcake. Nobody knows what either was thinking. Let’s guess:

Jack: “Everybody look how cute I am!”

Cupcake:“Wow, look how cute she is!”