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T2 Questions

I began taking T2 (one capsule a day to see how it effected me) on 2-20 and stopped on 2-23 due to illness. I had to take a prescription decongestant/expectorant, which obviously wouldn’t mix well. I’m going to start taking it again, but should I start with the one day again, or head straight to two pills a day? Since it says not to take it for more than 4 weeks, should I count that half-week I did before? Finally, what would be its interaction with Spike? Thanks to all you knowledgable folks out there.

To-Shin Do

Are we talkin the supplement T2 or the natural thyroid hormone T2 that you can only buy from research companies?

Sorry, the Biotest supplement.

There shouldn’t be any issues with Spike.

If you tolerated 1 capsule well and the label indicates it’s fine to go above that, you can try 2 capsules.

I wouldn’t include that short term use as a portion of the 4 weeks.

Cool, thanks for the reply Cy.