T2 questions for Bill Roberts(or anyone with T3 experience)

When T2 was taken off the market I stocked up and have about 5 bottles remaining. They all have an exp. date of 4/03 on them. 1)I’m not going to be able to use them all by that date, realistically how long will they be good for? 2) What is the equivalent dose of T2 as compered to T3 if I wanted to do the long term thing like people sometimes do with T3, 12.5 mcg. 3) Is there a dose response curve where if I used more than 3 caps a day(more like 5-6) would it not burn greater amounts of body fat at a quicker rate than 3 a day,or just increase side affects? 4) If I do stay on at 3 caps a day or higher, what is the longest amount of time I could do it before I start worrying about heavy surpression? 5) If I do choose to stay on for longer periods at high doses is it better to taper off and start T2Pro to minimize the supression, or just quit cold turkey and start T2Pro?


I’m not sure (simply don’t know) whether there
would be a problem in trying to go past the expiration date, or not. I’d suggest putting
bottles not currently used into the freezer. This would extend their life by many times.

One capsule per day should be fine for long
term use with minimal inhibition. It’s a slightly higher dose than I would have picked myself for that, but close enough that I was entirely comfortable with it. Overall, there is no direct equivalence, but broadly speaking each 3 mcg of T2 is comparable to each 1 mcg of T3.

There is no sudden cut-off at which further doses give no further benefit whatsoever whereas up to that point there was clear benefit with each small increase, but generally speaking, as with T3 I personally
don’t think the rather small incremental benefits with very high doses (which I think decrease and even disappear perhaps due to downregulation of receptors) are worth it. There are some T2 users who preferred four or five capsules per day but most found that the label recommendation of three capsules per day as the maximum dose proved appropriate for them.

I personally (if I chose to use inhibitory amounts of thyroid for longer periods, which I don’t) would limit use to six weeks or eight at most, and would not go cold turkey, but rather reduce to one capsule per day for
another four weeks (which may be longer than necessary but would not hurt), if I’d been on that long,
so as to avoid any rebound fat gain, and preferably use T2 Pro during that period.