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T2 Pro

Would it be dangerous to take more than three capsules of T2 Pro a day? I know the bottle says do not exceed 3 in a 24 hr period, but I am just curious. If anyone has, what were your dosages and results?


If the label says not to exceed 3 capsules in a 24 hour period, it’s probably not a good idea. This isn’t one of those more is better type of supplements. Would it be dangerous? No, the boys at Biotest just put that on the label so you would use less and buy less of their supplements.

Rob, can I quote you on that sometime? :slight_smile:

Your point is generally true. Often though there will be some people who may do OK and may in certain instances prefer exceeding label dosage, but the dosage they prefer will be one that would be inappropriate and perhaps with adverse effects for most. That’s the case with the original T2. For most, the maximum label dose was the greatest amount that they could take without having undue adverse effect, but a minority preferred taking say four capsules instead of three.

With the new T2 Pro, I am not sure since I was not part of the design team on that (was on the original T2 though) but I certainly expect that the same philosophy was followed as with all other Biotest products: namely, the maximum recommended label dose is the maximum amount we think is either beneficial, with more than that being wasted, or safely tolerated in general (though a few people may be able to tolerate somewhat more.)