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In high school I had thyroid cancer and had to have my thyroid gland removed. I currently take a medication called synthroid. I want to know if because of the fact I no longer have a thyroid and I must take synthroid whether or not taking t2-pro is possible. If so will it alter the effects of the supplement in any way. Please, don’t respond unless you know what you’re talking about. No offense intended. I just don’t want any bogus info that’s going to cause me to waste money and/or experience negative effects. Thanks!

Hey, I wouldn’t mess with it man. What dosage of Synthroid do you take? I can’t believe they don’t have you on something much stronger. Synthroid is usually presribed in instances where a person’s thyroid level is below normal, not completely lacking. I’d go see another doctor, could be all you need is a stronger med.

Hey Brother,
One of the ideas behind T2-Pro was that it naturally increases your thyroid output. Since you don’t have a thyroid, I doubt it’s worth your money…

Thanks for the response, Burton. I’m currently taking .175 synthroid. I don’t have any problems so far as lack of energy and I’m not overweight. I was just interested in t2 in order to get more cut. Thanks again for the advice.

Burton is correct. You might want to consider asking your doctor if Armour Thyroid Extract might be more appropriate than Synthroid. The dosage can also be regulated so that, in effect, you can get the T2 effect when you think it is appropriate.