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T2 Pro with Ephedrine

Has anyone ever taken T2Pro with an ephedrine stack? Is there any reason not to do this? I am currently using ephedrine on my cutting cycle and my order of methoxy and T2Pro should be here any day. Comments anyone?
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There is no reason in the world not to do this. In fact, quite the opposite. The E/C stack will facilitate fat loss, and the T2-Pro will help keep the thyroid from slowing down; the net effect is faster and greater fat loss.

In actuality, the original "Maximize Fat Loss" Stack from Biotest included MD6, T2-Pro, and Methoxy-7. That changed when Biotest discontinued MD6, though.

Hope this helps.

John, you are awesome. You are one of the only ones on the forum who I have found cosistently takes the time to answer my questions. I am happy to hear that I can take the 2 at the same time. Any dosing recommendations for the T2? I remember I had a bottle of the old T2 and I think it recommended up to 3 a day. Did you ever try the old T2? Is this new formula much better? Thanks again for the reply.
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I have indeed tried the old T2, as well as the new. I believe the old dose was 1 cap 3x per day, but I have tried higher doses than that with good results.

My personal feeling is that the old T-2 was more effective than the new one, because if I am not mistake the old one stimulated your thyroid as opposed to just allowing it to perform normally.

Something that I have noticed, though, is that the original can actually cost you a little muscle if you dose it too highly. It can also lead to a bit of rebound effect, as your thyroid may slow down.

If you have both, I would suggest using the original T2 with your thermogenic at 3 capsules per day, and then bump up it if you need it. Just make sure to weigh yourself and take body fat measurments so you know what you're losing.

After that, you will probably be best served using T-2 Pro to help regain normal thyroid function. All in all you should see great results with this stack. Hope this helps.

And thank you for the kind words; they mean a lot. Good luck =)

Hmmmmmmm maybe I haven;t been thinking clearly on T2 Pro. What it does is help support regualr thyroid function?? If this is the case then would it help keep metabolisim up when on low calories? What is the intended purpose of this product? I am confused…
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Without getting too far into any of the science, essentially almost all of your metabolic activity slows down when hypocaloric. This includes the production of the thyroid hormones T2 and T3. T2-Pro works (to my understanding) by keeping the thyroid functioning at a normal level–or at least a level higher than it would otherwise function while dieting. Hope this helps.