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T2-Pro Users

Just curious if anyone has felt it necessesary to use more than 3 pills of T2pro per day. I am about 285lbs, and with MD6, I use to always take more, just curious if 3 T2pros a day is sufficient. I am using as a single agent, and not stacking it with anything else. Thanks

I haven’t used t-2 pro but am just curious what kind’ve results you’ve been getting from 3 pills per day? Any noticeable, feelable results? At 285 lbs if 3 tabs a day work for you then i’d say thats some powerful stuff!

It’s not a stimulant so you won’t “feel” much. It just helps you to keep losing fat after you hit a sticking point by supporting the thyroid. So if you want to take more just because you don’t “feel” it, then don’t bother. I know a few people who are getting great results from it. Haven’t used it yet myself.

I was really looking to “feel” something after a dose, I just wanted to see if 3 qd was enough for someone my size. I started using it last wednesday, along with dieting, weight training, and light cardio.