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T2-PRO suppression, Bill Roberts

How suppresive would T2-PRO be if i took 6 capsules a day for one week, instead of the recommended 3? I did this a while back when the product first came out. At the time i had no knowledge of thyroid hormones, and i hope that my stupidity and ignorance didn’t mess something up. Now that i look back, I can’t even believe that i did something so stupid as to double the dosage of a product without finding out if there were potential side effects.

The reason that i ask is that i have recently started a cutting cycle w/ mag-10 and Cy Wilson's Steroid Diet. My losses seem to be much slower than they previously were, even with more moderate caloric restrictions. I'm only 6 days into the cycle, so maybe i'm being paranoid, but i'm starting to worry, and wanted to get clarification before i start worrying more. Thanks.

I think you may be getting T2 mixed up with T2-Pro. T2-Pro is non-hormonal- it supports thyroid function, it doesn’t suppress it or take over for your thyroid. See Supplement Round-up article. That said, I don’t think more is better with T2-Pro. As for not losing as fast as you wanted, you could be gaining a little on MAG-10, even while dieting. I experienced that to an extent.

I don’t believe T2-PRO is at all thyroid suppresive, quite to the contrary, T2-PRO works by BOOSTING your natural thyroid production, not replacing or supplementing it. In fact, a lot of people use T2-PRO when coming off a T3 cycle to HELP RESTORE normal thyroid. You’re most likely seeing slower weight loss due to not losing any LBM/glycogen due to the effects of Mag-10. Previous weight losses probably included more LBM/glycogen losses and that is the purpose of Mag-10 or steriods on diet is to prevent LBM loss. It’s even possible in spite of low calories that you may even GAIN some LBM due to Mag-10.


I agree with Heb and TEK.

I think that this is an appropriate analogy: Androsol is to Tribex-500 as T2 to T2-Pro.

Speak of which, I have a bottle of both T2 and T2-Pro...if I wanted to use both, one after another, which would be best to use first?