T2-PRO and Creatine

Can I take T2 pro and creatine together or will I be defeating the purpose of each’s intended use?


SGrim80, no problem with taking them together. They do different jobs and work by different mechanisms and would probably be taken at different times.

Have you read up on what you’re putting into your body? That’s the best way to maximize a supplement’s effectiveness; i.e., understand how it works, what it does and what the optimal dosage is.

Yeah I have…I decided not to go the route of CELL-TECH this time because all of the sugar in that stuff somehow makes me fat. It works, but I get very bloated. Ive used the stuff from PBL before. No Sugar, hardly any carbs…and it seemed to work great! I just wanted to lose some bodyfat as im around 13% right now and also get stronger. I am coming off of my last mag cycle and want to go on creatine for awhile. Are you against this stack? Please let me know your concerns or why you wouldnt do it, if so.

SGrim80, if you supplement with creatine, you’re going to have increased levels of muscular hydration. A well hydrated muscle cell is part of how creatine works its magic. Don’t confuse water gain with fat gain. Well hydrated or not, creatine will not work against or inhibit fat loss.

So I can do this stack and not have one supp cancelling the effects of another?