T2 Original Formula vs New T2 Pro

For anyone who has tried both of the T2 formulas sold by Biotest, which do you feel gave better results? I am very curious after I have read quite a few posts about people asking about the old formula.

Both work well, just differently. I think everyone is scrambling to get the old T2 because it’s become one of those “I may not be able to get it much longer so I want it bad now!” things. I like the new because you don’t have to cycle it.

OK, this may be a very bad way of comparing the two, but it helps me understand it a little better. my interpretation of the ads/explinations are as follows: T-2 is closer to the real thing, (thyroid) like MAG-10 is to testosterone. T-2 pro is a supporter and/or bilding blocks/supplies of materials to the thyroid. like tribex is to testosterone… am i way off base for thinking like that guys?

personaly I think that old t-2 is much better than new t-2…but don’t get me wrong new t-2 is still a good product!!

old T-2 i smuch better by my experience. Where is it still available?