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T2 or T2-PRO ?????????

I am about to order 12 weeks worth of either T2 or T2-Pro. Which is really better ? I think that it’s the T2 that isn’t produced anymore. What are people’s thoughts ? Along with dieting properly, I’m wanting to do either one of those along with MD6 and methoxy.

(BUMP) also, i’d like to know why one has to be cycled and the other one doesn’t

read the article on T2 pro on the biotest site

I’ve read both “ads” for t2 and t2-pro, and, of course, they both sound awesome, which makes the decision harder. so, that’s why i’m asking people what they think is best.

T2-pro is what they are selling now. Their articles and email answers indicate they prefer the original T2. T2-pro has some test-making benefits, however.