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T2 or MD6 or ?

Survey… Which works better to lose/keep off fat - T2 or MD6? What results/effects have others had with these products? (fat lose, energy, side effects etc.) thanx.

You can use the new T2 year round for optimum leaness, when you want to drop extra fat add MD-6 to the mix. You cannot use MD-6 for more than 12 weeks in a row.

MD6 gives you energy and suppresses appetite. T2 doesn’t, or at least not much. Really they’re two totally different products that work different ways. T2 or T2-pro keeps the fat coming by optimizing thyroid function. So they both work, just in different ways. If you can’t afford to stack both, I’d use MD6 then get on T2-pro at the end of the diet.