T2 on mainyenance calories

I’m on a cutting cycle consuming maintenance calories,using MD6,and plenty of cardio. Would T2 be useful to me in speeding things up? Or should I save my money for a double dose Mag 10 cycle?I’m at about 9% and want to get down to 7 or lower before I start.Would adding T2 be worth it?Experienced answers from experts appreciated.Thanks

Come on guys! I think this is a question worth answering.I thought we were here to help each other.

I think T-2 would help (you’re talking about the original formula right?). I took two capsules, twice a day, and it did seem to accelerate fat burning, as well as giving me a slight ‘boost’ in energy. Good stuff. By the way, Netrition.com has insanely low price on T-2, very cheap. Hope that helps!

Thanks for the reply maclar.Any more input?Bill?