T2 (old formula)

I have some of the old T2 that I got off of Netrition. What’s the verdict on this stuff? Is it effective?

If you already have the stuff, why not just try it and see for yourself?

Or, if you really want feedback, try the search button over there on the left. There’s plenty to keep you busy.

I believe most of the feedback is pretty mixed.

I had minimal results with it, but loved HotRoxx.

I never tried it, but several friends did, it seemed to work for them to a degree, but not to the degree that other Biotest products have.

I have only heard great things about the original T2 formula. If you got your hands on it, check the date, but definitely give it a shot. I think production only stopped b/c of some heat on Thyroid potentiators.

It worked awesome for me! I have like 10 bottles in the freezer.