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I tried looking but i may have been looking in the wrong spot but here is what i am looking for and would appreciate any advice on it…
how do i take T2 and MD6 together?
do i take them the same day? seperate days?
one on a workout day and one on a non work day?

thank you in advance

Here are the usual recs:

Start with 3 caps of MD6 per day in divided doses (morning, noon, and around 3 to 5PM is typical). I usually take 1 cap of T2 at the same time. If you can tolerate it, the max dose of MD6 is 6 caps a day, 2 at a time. (I can only tolerate 5 per day with the last dose being 1 cap instead of two.) You may want to time one dose of MD6 30 minutes before training for the stimulant effect, but not if you workout late at night. You’d do this every day on a fat loss phase. Cycling directions are on the label.

Thanks Chris that is exactly what i was looking for. I have taken md6 before and it usually takes over an hour for the energy effect to hit me. I don’t know if thats because of my weight or its just the way i react

but anyway thanks!

You’re welcome, Jasen. MD6 has been reformulated recently and the new version packs a bigger punch energy-wise than the old. So if you’ve only used the old, start light on the new. (The new one has 5-HTP in it. That’s one way you can tell the difference.)