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T2, MD6 & Massive Eating

I posted this a while back and no one responded, maybe no one knows?? Anyway, I was supplementing my massive eating diet with T2 & MD6 in hopes that as I pack in the calories, I will keep my fat production in check. Do you think this is a waste of time? Meaning, just try to gain and not worry about anything else? Or, is this the perfect thing to do? I’m also cycling Tribex and Androsol while doing Ian King’s 12-week upper body program. Thanks!

Great question! I’d like to know the same. Also, T-Mag, can we take T2 and N/Androsol @ the same time? Thanks!

I’m doing the same thing as you are, so let’s agree that it’s a “good thing,” as Martha says. The principle is the same as pro bodybuilders using t3 during a mass gaining cycle. So far I’ve scaled off 10 pounds in about a month, though once mountain biking season got here I pretty dramatically increased my cardio work.

Thanks for the input guys … I feel better now about continuing. Gaining muscle is hard for me, gaining fat is not!

On the subject, with MD6 in your body, won’t a post-workout insulin inducer (Surge) be rendered useless, since the body is insulin resistant at that point? What do you do, forego the shake?

OK, here’s the diet … I’d love some criticism as well. I gave up on trying for a pure 40/30/30 ratio … maybe my next attempt will be closer. Right now I’m 5’10",
165, and just under 11% body fat. Over the past two months I’ve lost about 6 pounds of fat, but my weight hasn’t changed, so I guess that means I put on 6 pounds of muscle. But I want to get bigger! So with this diet, I am upping calories by almost 1,000 a day. I’m also
supplementing with tribex, androsol (cycle), and creatine. Just got through 4 weeks of T2 and MD6 too. Enjoy!

MEAL ONE (8 am)
Nex-Rx Shake, 2.5 cups skim milk, Banana

MEAL TWO (10 am)
5 whole eggs, 2 ct. American cheese, 1 tbsp. butter, Splash of skim milk


MEAL FOUR (3:00 pm)
1 cup rice, ½ can tuna, ½ can corn, Teriyaki Sauce

MEAL FIVE (5:00 pm) (wild card – usually protein and fat)
1 can tuna, Mayo

MEAL SIX (7:00 pm) (most carbs are dietary fiber)
6 tbsp. Natural Peanut Butter

MEAL SEVEN (9:00 pm)
Nex-Rx Shake, 2.5 cups skim milk

MEAL Eight (11:00 pm)
Fat Free Yogurt

OVERALL TOTALS 372g protein, 508.5g carbs, 86.5g fat, 4,065 total calories.


Make sure that you are insulin sensitive if you are using the nutrient ratio (high carb). Also, don’t go too overboard with adding too much calories. Do you know why?
IT’s because there is no accurate method for calculating the body fat and this is required for calculation in massive eating. If you go overboard, you will gain fat.

Thanks for the input John … I’ve tested my body fat with both calipers and something called an Omron body fat analyzer (it’s an electronic thing). Both seem consisten with each other. I know my ratios are off, what would you recommend? A little less carbs and more fat? I’m going to give this a whirl for a few weeks to see what happens. If I gain too much fat (which I fear) then I will cut it real fast. I’m going to post my diet in a separate post and open it to more criticism. Thanks!


I think it is better you do the glucose tolerance test AND the insulin test. By using both values, you will find a better results in predicting which nutrient ratio in massive eating you will be using.
Well, don’t try a nutrient ratio for couple of weeks, if it does not work, then it means you waste lots of money and effort. do i make any sense?
Well, i am just a beginner but i learned very fast when i found this website.
If the program does not work and you gain more fat than muscle, then later on, you will have to use other supps to get rid off the fat as well… that’s more money.