T2 is here!

Just got my T2. Can’t wait to try it. Thanks for the t-shirt guys! Anyone using T2 yet?

I sure did get mine, and I started using it last night. I am really excited, but of course I have not noticed anything yet. Your right, it was a hell of a nice t-shirt. I really can’t wait to see what will happen with it because I have used plenty of thermogenics, and it will be nice to try another route for fat burning (not that I am going to stop taking the thermogenics)

Yup, I got mine yesterday. Living so close to Biotest has it’s advantages. Can’t really feel anything, but it’s only day 2. I was wondering if after my 3 day of one capsule, I should step it up to 2 for 3 days, or just straight to 3 per day. Any suggestions?

I called Biotest to see when they shipped my Surge and T2. It went out Friday. I tracked it down and it got delivered this morning! I can’t wait to get home! I’m going to be tearing into some new supplements! Woo Hoo!!!

Yea, disipline is my T2. Naaa, just kidding-I’m genetic freak(maybe) but if I limit carbs(pasta,bread,rice,potatoes)in the evening, I get ripped without dieting at all( 6-8% BF)

hey guys keep us posted of the results u are seeing i am very intrested to know before i get some. Thanks and ggod luck

I wish I was that kind of freaky genetics - I have to bust my tale and be ultra careful about EVERYTHING I eat to get fat loss. I will see my abs dammit! I will!

I’m having a strange thing happen - Every once in a while I’m getting these weird tingles from head to toe. I’m also feeling a little more warm than usual. Anyone think this is the T2? Or maybe the placebo effect because I’m excited about this product? I took two yesterday and one this morning. Probably in my head, but my husband has had the same thing happen to him today so I wanted to see if it was happening to anyone else. Maybe it is working faster because we are on the Fat Fast? I don’t know. Anyone else?

Ironbabe - your effects are from the T-2.
Same as with T-3, you feel warm and tingly.


T2 can’t enter Canada. BAd news for canadians… …

Even one pill gets me kind of wired. Of course, I do feel a little warmer too but the main effect is that my head is “heavy” and I can’t really think clearly. Then again maybe it is also because I went to bed at aroun 5am and woke up at 11:30am today.

Mine comes in on Friday (Musclemag in Garden City, NY…anyone in the area steals my bottle they get a choke-out-a-gram…singing optional)

“No! I wanna holler the loud funny words!” - Stimpy


Just opened the package. Gonna start it tomorrow a.m. The feelings everyone is having are simililar to the feeling I got when I took coleus forskholin. Not a buzz like ECA, but just my whole body had a warm feeling. T2 may be useful for those in Alaska. lol

Got the T2 yesterday and took it last night and this morning. I haven’t gotten the warm funny, tingly feeling, but I am 205 lbs, so it may take the 3 full days to kick in. The shirt is pretty cool, but I like the Testosterone shirt better. You guys need to make a Testosterone hat in both yellow on black and black on yellow. One can never have too many hats ya know. Besides, it will help all of those gear users who are a little light on top cover up the sun reflector.