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t-2 souunds incredible. I am truly impressed. I am 270 5’9 30 percent body fat(I am going to be starting a diet/weights/ cardio plan that this guy got incredible results from)and I want to add t2 into the equation.) how much fat could i expect to lose per week by taking this stuff. I know you cant give an exact number but Aproximatley . Sounds alot better than md6 is it more powerful. Also I looked at medline and what i read sounded incredible. the only thing i couldnt find was any studies on its safety. could you guys provide me with some

elg elg elg, my chubby little friend. first of all when it comes to dieting make your own or do one thats not cookie cutter id say you need fat fast. or maybe the Tdawg, second of all we dont know you man we cant tell your body type your metabolism if you already have a semi hypothyroid. Therfore we cant tell you what your gonna loose. but you can be a lab rat. write down yer diet and your workouts. doses of supps then see what you can fugure you lost and with a fellow like you (jolly) not that im poking fun im not shredded but im a powerlifter so it doesnt matter. you could give other people in your same boat a good idea. i dunno i doubt anyone with 15% BF or up has tried T2 so youll be a pioneer my friend.
and if you gather T2 is bunk return it by casing it in metal and throwing it through tim pattersons window. and should you have major side effects from reccommended dosage case your doctor bill in metal and throw it through brocks window he designed it. So you see the ball is in your court.

Diet and exercise are by far the most important factors in weight loss. You can gain 2 lb of fat per week on thyroid hormone, if you eat
too much. You may be able to lose 2 lb of fat per week without supplemental thyroid hormone, if your diet and exercise are right.

There are two main benefits with regard to
fat loss for thyroid supplementation:

  1. After two weeks of dieting, your natural
    thyroid levels drop and fat loss becomes slower
    than it can and should be. Simply supplementing
    your thyroid back up to normal, which would require about half the maximum label dose of T2, will keep your metabolism where it normally is, instead of having it depressed in later weeks of dieting.

  2. Moderately higher than normal levels of thyroid speed fat loss but not by more than
    0.5 to 1.0 lb per week in my opinion (this is just based on how things seem, not a study.)

Besides these benefits you may also have improved mood while dieting.

In other words, T2 will help a diet that already is a pretty good one, and may give slow fat loss results if someone keeps eating the same as what has been maintenance for them, but is not a magic fat loss pill that will take off X lb per week regardless of diet and exercise.