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T2 Dosage

How would you know when to adjust your dosage of T2 if you haven’t been taking your temperature? Would you adjust your dosage based on weight loss and side effects or just wait for the results of one cycle?

Basically, I would start with one capsule, stay with that for at least 4 or 5 days, make sure you are comfortable with that (not feeling excessively hot, not having a problem with raised heartrate) and then go to 2. Then go to the maximum of 3 only if, after at least a couple of weeks to evaluate fat loss, it’s clear you are not getting as much benefit as you want and that you are not having adverse side effects with 2 capsules. Of course, if any increase brings on the faster heartrate or
feeling excessively hot, reduce dose.

I couldnt find the thread on using T2 and MD-6 together. Could u outline the protocol again?


Basically, using MD-6 and T2 together is a question of following recommendations on each, but, I think that the more stimulants one is using, and MD-6 has stimulatory properties, the more one should avoid higher thyroid doses. In other words, if what you want is a dosage that is appropriate for short term (not for continuous use) for fast results, maybe it might work out where 3 capsules seemed appropriate after you proved for yourself that 2 was fine for you, but if you are using the MD-6, personally I’d hold it back to two.

I am not saying that disaster would occur otherwise; I just think it’s prudent.

I would also not push the MD-6 use to what might have been your limits without the thyroid. If you were pushing the MD-6 kind of hard, I’d back off some if you are now also using the T2.

By the way, some people have been using both T-2 and MD-6 both at maximum label dose and have been doing fine, so it’s not as if it cannot be done by anybody… I just think it’s a good idea, if using both, to use each at doses less than the most you might push it if they were used by themselves. Because they are both stimulants.

…Like me! I spent a week or more increasing gradually to the max T2 dosage, and now I use 3 caps a day, plus MD6, during a cyclicak ketogenic diet (today was my carb-up day!). No problems at all, except the usual sensations on a keto diet.

Well everyone was waiting to see who would jump up first and I did it after using 3 T2 a day for a week I jumped up to 4 a day for two and had no problems, on sunday I did 5 and discovered my breaking point. I got heart palpitations, light ones nothing serious just enough to notice waiting at a stop light in my car, about an hour after taking my second two and felt a little nauseas. Caution to others I have never had any adverse reaction to any stimulants or combinations of stimulants(i.e. ephedrine and yohimbine together). So my limit is 4 and thats where I’ll stay till the end. Happy dieting.