T2 Dosage/Cycle ; Bill Roberts or anyone else

I plan to use some orig. T2 in my weight loss supplement stack. Would 4 caps for 8 weeks be to supressive of my natural thyroid and cause a rebound weight gain effecT? Thanks…

I would not overdo my thyroid. Do the rec. 4 weeks followed by T2 Pro maybe with a lipotropic.

There would probably be some slight rebound. It could be avoided I’d think by starting tapering down during the 8th week (three capsules per day on the first day of that week, then dropping a capsule every couple of days), and then have 9th and 10th weeks at 1 capsule per day.

It may be that 4 capsules per day could be enough to give you adverse effects of sleeplessness etc.

Bill, I have a show in five weeks. Will using 2 caps, 3 times a day cause any significant muscle loss? I will be using Mag-10 twice a day up until the show. Using the old T-2 at 6 caps a day has always worked the best for me in the past. Thanks a lot!

Since you’ve used this dose before and found
it best for you, I’d agree, stick with it. With the MAG-10 you should be fine (without added androgen, higher doses of thyroid can indeed be bad LBM-burners.)