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T2 Diet Recommendations

Hi everyone, I got my hands on 3 bottles of the original T2 and wanted your opinion: With the addition of T2 to my diet, can i lower calories further and lose fat faster without the muscle loss, or should one keep calories the same and training but rely on the metabolic effect? Currently 2800 cals 40/40/20, 6.1% trying to get to 4% for competition. Thanks!

As far as I know, as with all Thyroid Hormones/Pro-Hormones, there is no anti-catabolic effect. If anything, the risk of muscle catabolism is higher. Do a search on the Steroid Forum on T3, T4, Cytomel and Synthroid and some of your questions should be answered.

BigRob is right. There is no anti-catabolic effect. If you plan on using T2 with very low calories, I would strong urge you to use something to help you preserve mass. Methoxy-7 at a double dose is supposedly good, and would be your best bet if you cannot use 4AD or Mag-10 for testing reasons.

Thanks Rob, i’m off to the faq section:)