T2 delivery due date?

I know these questions should be directs at Customer Service instead of the forum, but it’s the weekend and there’s nobody to ask…so if you’ll indulge me, does anyone have any news on when the T2 is scheduled to ship? Mine’s prepaid, too.

I was told that it would ship no later than Monday (my Surge is in that shipment also…they ain’t chargin shipping that way!)

I was told it would start shipping friday and I’d get it by wednesday. I’ll let you know when mine comes in.

I called them last week and a friendly guy named Bill told me that it would ship on Friday. He told me to expect in at my door this Wed. I am moving to CA in May, so I can’t wait to start taking this stuff with my EC. It’ll be interesting to see if this product lives up to it’s hype.

I got mine today (4/23), along with a Biotest t-shirt (thanks). One capsule was broken with maybe 1/3 of the powder left, so I went ahead and took it first. That was about an hour ago and I am already feeling flushed/hot. So, if you were taking 1 cap 3 times daily, I imagine it would work well. I was thinking of taking it 10 days on, 20 days off, sort of like the prohormones. What do you think?

Tim, if you’re feeling something after one hour it’s probably gas… according to previous posts it will take several days before T2 kicks in. Also, regarding dosing, take Brock’s advice and FOLLOW THE LABEL!

My T2 arrived today! I live about 150 miles from Biotest HQ so I’ve always gotten my orders fast. Everybody should be seeing their’s soon.

Jon, maybe the peak steady state blood level will be in a few days, but it has been 2 or 3 hours now and I am burning up. Maybe I am just more sensitive to it than most. The reason I wanted to do short cycles was to try to lean out a bit between prohormone cycles, a gradual approach. I am not looking for anything drastic.

tim i would take the t2 with the prohormones for 2 reasons,1 t2 is similar to t3 in that it will affect metabolism(i.e. protien synthesis).2 t3 is know to increase the potency of steroids by i think 20percent, so you get ripped and big.

Dammit! I didn’t get mine today! I was driving so fast to pick up that box on my porch.

Hey guys, I haven’t really followed the T2 stuff much- can anyone tell me what the suggested dose is, and how long it is to be takes for, etc. Thanks guys.

Okay, Wojo, it’s worth a try. I’ll take the prohormones and T2 at the same time and see if this cycle is any different than the last.

John U had told me that T2 will affect muscle and fat. So does this mean that if I use T2 alone (w/o MD6 or Androsol), I will still lose muscle mass? I am not cutting calories. I’m at or just above maintenance. My protein intake is about 1.5 per pound of bodyweight. Only supplements include the basics (multi-vitamin, Vit C & E, fish oils, ZMA) and Grow and Surge. I’m training Mon, Wed, Fri doing heavier weights and lower reps (5x5) followed by 20-30 minutes of cardio and either mountain biking, stadiums or combat conditioning on Tues, Thurs and one day on the weekend. Any comments/suggestions about how T2 will affect me?