T2 + Androsol usage

Hey all, question for the forum: do you guys think it is wise to stack T2 concurrently with a cycle of 50/50 androsol/nandrosol (technically with 3g trenbolone acetate per bottle added). i would be applying the andro/nandro 70 sprays 2x/day along with taking T2 at a dosage of 2 capsules per day. my ultimate goal is to gain 5-7 pounds of LBM when it is all said and done (as in retaining this new mass post-cycle). my question is, in your opinion or experience would taking the T2 along with the androsol hinder the effects of the androgens to the point where i could not accomplish my goal? i want to take the T2 to minimize fat gain that i typically experience while on androsol. i realize that some of the extra weight during the cycle is due to water retention, but i always have an small amount of stubborn fat that always hangs around post-cycle. stats: 6’2"/190 10-12%BF 21YOA, 3yr(seriously)training age. diet consists of 6 meals/day following the principles of John Berardi (although i just started following it recently). thanks for any info anyone wants to reply with. --rush #7