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T2 and T2 Pro

What is the difference between T2 and T2Pro? Also, I am currently far from being ripped. My impression is that these products are really reserved for the final “finishing touch” and not really intended to be used by totally smooth guys wanting to go from 15% bodyfat to 8% bodyfat. Or am I wrong about that? Thank you.

You’re more or less correct, although I think they’re of benefit for anyone on a long-term diet, or an extremely severe one.

On the difference between T2 and T2-Pro: T2 is generally recognized as more powerful, perhaps even to the point of suppressive to the thyroid. This is why it has to be cycled off. T2-Pro is more “thyroid-friendly”, its designed to naturally boost your output. I don’t believe it has to be cycled, but it’s usually a good idea to do so anyway.

There’s no reason why T2 and/or T2-PRO won’t help someone in your condition lose fat faster when used in conjunction with a good fat-loss diet and training program.