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T2 and T2 Pro

Anyone had any experience with stacking T2 and T2 Pro? Is it safe? I want to use three of each daily for 2 - 4 weeks. I have been using MD6 and T2 Pro for the past six weeks and since I have to stop MD6 for awhile, I am hoping to keep things going by adding T2. I appreciate any and all feedback.

I think T-mag staffers have said to use T2-Pro after T2 for best results, but using at the same time wouldn’t hurt, but probably won’t help.

i’ve tried that myself, and i had originally asked the same question about 2 months ago, and no one really gave me a good answer. my original theory was that T2 pro having the building blocks for an active, healthy thyroid, that using it with T2, would have great results. (kind of like taking in extra protein while on mag-10)… but i did that for 2 weeks and didn’t really see any difference, so i wouldn’t mess with it unless you like to blow money, hell it might work for you, i don’t know… it just didn’t work for me… if i may suggest, if you’ve been off of MD6 for a week or more, get back on that with T2 and you should break any plateau you might be having. (also, i’ve been using 5ml of mag-10 a day, and it’s amazingly helped me keep my muscle, and i think i might have actually gained a pound or so of LBM the past 5 weeks.)


I’m wondering about this, too. Brock S. has his lab wabbit Laurie on a T2/T2Pro stack on her fat fast. I was curious about his reasoning, and what kind of dosage she’s doing. I was going to try the stack myself on phase II of my fat fast.

Boys, t2 is a the actual thyroid hormone, and t2-pro is an agent that assists in thyroid production. So, T2 combined with t2-pro will not help out any. But t2-pro taken after t2 will help in bringing back natural thyroid hormone production back to normal after it was slowed down because of the supplementing with the actual stuff. Digg it, it’s like bringing back natural test. production after a cycle of mag-10. You don’t take tribex with the mag you take it afterwards.

While on a Fat Fast in October of last year I stacked the two, and it worked great, would my results been the same if I didn’t take the T2-Pro along with it? I guess we’ll never know. But I asked the same question around the same time and the response I got was to stack the two.

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