T2 and pro

I am almost finished with a cycle of t2. It is recomended that you wait one month before starting another. The question i have is…Can I just start taking t2 pro after this cycle? It is stated that t2 pro can be continuously cycled. Soooo…I should be able to just switch supplements. Right?

I recommend you start taking T2 pro as soon as you stop the T2. Thats one of the nice things about T2 pro, it more or less naturally supports the thyroid and will help you avoid any thyroid lag you might experience upon cessation of t2.

Just came off a 3 week cycle of T2. I was worried about Thyroid suppression, but I may have had one sluggish day, but that was it. I was stacking it with Ripped Fuel extreme (w/forshkolin) and Tyrosine. Came off the T2 then off the thermogenics a couple of days later. No problems coming off. And the stack worked great - I was on the fat fast and had no, repeat no problems with workout energy. Afterthought -Also lost a lot of fat LOL