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T2 and other stuff

Im a 25 year old woman from New Zealand living in the states with my boyfriend who is a fan of T-MAG. He suggested I write in asking about the supplements and vitimans Im taking.

I have just started a kick boxing & weight loss programe. Im taking a Fat Burner (Ephedra, Guarana, Caffeine, White Willow Bark)T2, from this site, a complex Vit B Supplement, St Johns Wort and an asprin for a blood clotting condition I have. Im wondering if this combination is too much and if I should cut anything back? What do you think?

White Willow Bark is basically apsirin, so you’re doubling up there. See Cy Willson’s “Hot Stuff” article at T-mag for info. I heard some negative stuff about St. John’s Wort recently, but don’t recall what it was. I always thought it was pretty worthless. T2 is good stuff. My fave fat burner is MD6. Try to get that if you can.