T2 and Muscle Gains

Will taking T2 with Androsol,Nandrolsol, or Tribex inhibit any muscle gains due to increased metabolism?

I’ve always advised against taking fat burner-type products while bulking. This came from seeing 140 pounds guys popping Ripped Fuel all day then bitching about not gaining any weight.

However, T2 seems different in how it works. I’m no expert in that area myself, but I can say this: I did a two week bulking diet combined with Androsol. I added in T2 (3 a day) as an experiment. I wanted to see if I could eat my lungs out and minimize fat gain with the T2. It worked. I gained both muscle and fat, but not near as much fat as I usually do on such a “see food” diet.

So, if you’re a true hardgainer then I’d say not to take anything in the fat burner category. But if you want to add mass and minimize fat gain, then T2 works.