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T2 and mood enhancement

Just started t-2 and noticed a huge difference in mood. I’ve been prone to quite a bit of depression in the past and was going through a bout when I started the t-2 much to my surprise not only did I feel body heat but my depression disappeared. I also gave some to a coworker and asked him about mood and he related that it really made him feel good also. Just wondering if anyone else had this affect and if biotest was aware of this use for t-2? By the way just gave some to a friend that also periodically suffers from depression didn’t tell her of my results and will probably hear back in a few days from her so wondering what will happen to her in that she probably has a worst case than me.

Hypothyroidism can cause depression. People suffering from depression have been shown to display below average levels or display some type of alteration in thyroid function in most cases. With this in mind, T2 enhancing mood is entirely feasible in my opinion.
I had a feeling it might have this effect, but hadn’t heard any feedback until now.

I’ve had the same experience with the mood enhancement and T2. I’m not depressed or anything, just a feeling of wellbeing. I’m taking three daily now (6’4" @ 230lbs)

Thyroid deficiency can cause depression. When
you have been off of T2 for a little while you
should go to a doctor and have him/her do the
following tests to make sure you are not thyroid deficient in your “normal” state:

* TSH test

* T4 test

* T3 test

Some doctors will just want to do a TSH
test because it’s easier and cheaper but I
think this is a bad idea as it does not give
you the “whole picture.” Make sure you tell
him/her you want the complete thyroid panel.

I have noticed an improvement in my mood since I started taking T-2. The biggest thing I have noticed is that I feel very anxious all the time. I’m always feeling like something big is about to happen. Has anybody else had that?