i am curious to know how to go about taking these 2 supps at the same time. can they be used together? or do i need to divide them up throughout the day? has anyone tried this, and what was your experience like?

Yup, you can combine doses throughout the day.

I’ve tried MD6 with T2 and T2 Pro and didn’t see anything different versus when I only took MD6.

They can be used together. I found that T2-Pro really help me and my wife get past plateaus. The fat just kept coming off when before we (especially my wife) would hit sticking points. Good stack, if you can still find MD6.

i have the old md6 formula is it still ok to mix?

still find MD6?! did i miss something?!

Yup, you can mix them both. I had better results with the newer MD6 formula than the old one.