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T2 and MAG Stack

I’m thinking of starting MAG for the first time, and taking T2 with it. I’m average size, and don’t have a problem with body fat other than a little around the waist (about 15mm using calipers). The problem is when I increase calories above maintenance, it tends to go to my waist more than I would like even though my diet is very clean. I would like to put on more size, but not around my mid section. Would stacking T2 with MAG while increasing calories be an effective approach to putting on some size without putting it on my waist?

You could do it but so far as I know (I could be wrong, I just mean, as far as I know) there would be no advantage compared to not using the T2 and using just the MAG-10 and less calories. Except of course if the enjoyment of being able to eat more is enough reason to be using the T2.

In other words, the metabolic rate is accelerated, but doing so is not (so far as I know) helping muscle gains. It’s just burning calories that are now going to thermogenesis
instead of being available for muscle building or fat gain. Eating equally less accomplishes the same thing – same net calories available for muscle gain, or available towards fat gain – I think.

I was under the impression that you can’t really gain on MAG unless your calories are well over maintenance. Are you saying that I can eat less (maintenance calories) and gain size from MAG? I was thinking that by combining T2 and MAG I can 1) prevent the waistline from getting bigger once I go over maintenance, and 2) burn away a few millimeters off the waist at the same time I’m building more size.