T2 and Hydroxycut

I just started my T2 this morning and I am very excited! I plan to cylce back on my thermogenic next week and hopefully the two together will kick some major toosh. Unfortunately I can’t get MD6 here in Texas, so I am going to combine it with Hydroxycut. Antone have any success with this combination? Also, I didn’t really feel a sudden change with just the T2. Does this take time to kick in for some folks depending on what your thyroid status was to begin with? I guess time will tell.

I live in Texas also. I get my MD-6 off the net, and they’ll ship it to your doorstep. I don’t know if Biotest will ship it direct or not. If you haven’t already bought the hydroxycut, check the independent gas stations for real ephedrine. The real ephedrine is more consistent than any of the herbal stuff out there. Good Luck. Does anyone know if Biotest is sold in Houston?

Or find another T-man buddy in, say, Oklahoma who can buy for you and mail it on…I happen to, um, “know a guy” who’s helping out some Canadian friends who can’t get Androsol.