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T2 and guggulbolic

I am currently using a product called guggulbolic (which is working quite well at clearing up my acne), but was wondering if i should use it when i take t2. any suggestions or precautions?? thanks!!

I asked Bill and Brock this same question when Brock posted how to use T-2. Bill replied that it is safe to use T-2 with Guggul, and also said he will do this himself. Bill, if you have anything more to say please do because I’m gonna do the same thing to. Thanks.

I see no problem with the combination, and plan to use guggul along with T2 sometimes myself.

fyi,i just noticed another online magazine ,telling people to stock up on t2 .they happen to be competitors , so i thought it was nice to see ,for now at least ,everyone playing nice.

What is guggulbolic, and where can you purchase it?

Bill, just making a repost to keep this thread current in hopes that you will respond to my question.

guggulbolics is just a guggulsterone product. You can find it just about anywhere.

guggulbolic is a product put out by syntrax. it contains guggulsterones (like md6, i believe) which have been shown to fight acne. i think dave’s power store carries it.