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T00lz on a Certain Bodybuilding Site

Time to rant, I just spent sometime looking for an alternative for Flameout since no one has a clue when the next inventory will be available. Lo and behold I run across the stupidest thread in the world. The whole purpose of this thread was for those that didn’t try out Biotest products to bash, attack, and wholesale slam Biotest and this site. The ones that had actually TRIED the products actually said good things.

One thing to note is how the ones that had not had good results with 1 products had the nerve to lambast the site and Biotest because they had found it ineffective? ( I’m talking attack the website, the company, the posters - everything ) Quote : the people on that site are like part of a cult. I tried gobbling lipo-6 and the hardcore version, along with other fatburners and didnt feel a thing. I’ve actually chosen to go to bed and slept well after taking some “energy or other type of stimulants” That doesn’t mean that these other companies are shit. It just means that my body reacts a certain way and their products unfortunately didn’t work.

But man I get raged reading the stupidity on the internet. -_-

One guys profile pic was him getting all massive doing 60lb db shrugs. WTF I WARM UP ON THAT SHIT.

Raged… Going to go to bed and then wakeup and check to see if Flameout is available.

I’d like to think I’m a bit of a tool. In real life and teh interwebz.

Wait… 60lbs = ~27kg


I warm up on 38kg (~83lbs).

I didn’t realize Biotest made Lipo-6.


It is what it is. People will blame their lack of intensity and nutrition on a supplement.

Anyone who is somewhat knowledgable about their training and diet will be able to realize any results that a supplement may provide. I’ve tried many different supps in my time, and you’d have to be an absolute idiot to blame all of your results, or lack of results, on a supplement (except water retention, that you can go ahead and blame on your creatine -lol). I’ll joke about being a Biotest whore, but lets be honest, how many supplement lines can you honestly say that you’ve been using and happy with the majority of their products for years? Even if all they made was Metabolic Drive, I’d be a fan simply because there’s so much shit out there from other companies.


Certian sites? You mean like every site other than T-Nation? I think some people’s sole purpose in life is to hate this place.

Don’t get your panties in a bunch over it kinein, that’s life. People are bitter. Especially lazy people. Ignore them.