T-Workout Partner- Motor City

Ok so is anyone here from the Motor city? I live outside in Farmington Hills and am in a desperate need of a workout partner! I suppose I will be shelling out the cash for a personal trainer if I have to, but I figured I would ask on here first.

I’m currently training Westside but I can be flexible. To me nothing beats having a workout partner that is stronger than me and will get is my face to make sure I get the lifts out.

Long story short, I’ve tried working out with various people at my gym to no luck. I was doing DE squats the other day with 135 on the bar and two mini bands when this bigger guy comes over and asks if he can workout with me.

I said sure hoping I may have found a new workout partner, since I’ve seen his bench and it was pretty good. He unracks the bar with it in the middle of his back (I literally mean barely on the shoulder blades if at all) and the barbell gets flung to the safety bars on one side, down he goes.

Luckily for him I had the safety pins in place or the bands would have through him down with the barbell. OK so that wasn’t so short of a story but it sums of me trying to find a workout partner.

Hopefully you at least got a laugh out of my long winded post!

Sorry bro, I’m about an hour and a half away down here in the Toledo area. Too far of a drive for either of us, I already have to haul 40 minutes to work everyday. As a sidenote, anyone lifting in the Toledo area hit me up.