I did a search and didn't come up with anything on this, so if it's been discussed before, I apologize.  
 In my excitement for the new installment of the Terminator series, I just had to watch the ultimate edition DVD of T2 for the millionth time yesterday and after watching Linda Hamilton for awhile, I realized I had never really thought about how great of shape she was in for that movie.  I mean, of course I had noticed it, I had just never thought about how much work she probably put into looking like that.  I remember hearing how Arnold made her train two hours a day with him and follow a strict diet prior to shooting, but that was back when the movie first came out and I don't think I knew the first thing about training or nutrition then.  So I started thinking about other women in movies and/or entertainment who look as if they are in fantastic shape and decided it would be kind of cool to ask some of you guys who else you would add to the list.  I have some others in mind, but I'll go ahead and start the list with the one I already mentioned and see what some of you all add:

#1. Linda Hamilton

P.S. I read the other day that the composer of T3 had originally planned on scratching the theme song from the first two movies and starting with a clean slate for the score. But (very wisely, in my opinion) someone stepped in and said “that ain’t such a good idea, buddy.” I couldn’t even go watch the damn thing without that theme. It’s just part of my many fond “movie memories” growing up.

Not so much “in shape” as an overall attitude: Carrie-Ann Moss in Matrix.

A T-vixen role: Jenette Goldstein in Aliens. But I thought she was pretty scary in Terminator 2.

And I kind of liked Rene Russo’s character in Lethal Weapon 3.

And Cory Everson in Double Impact (okay, she wasn’t in full training, and had a pretty hokey role, but she was physically impressive any way).

Demi-Moore…in anything. Or out of anything!

The girl who played the ancient Egyptian in the mummy returns. (the evil wife not the daughter)

brider beat me to Jeanette Goldstein. “Vasquez”, IMO, is and will always be the epitome of a T-Woman. That character rocked. Goldstein went on to portray another “T-Woman” like character in “Near Dark”.

Sigourney Weaver as “Ripley” in “Alien” and “Aliens” also, would be another one. I didn’t include the other two sequels - just don’t think they have ever had the impact of the first two movies.

Another thing to remember is how James Cameron (director of “Aliens”, “Terminator” and “T2”), has a history of placing strong woman characters in his movies. Even in “The Abyss” with Mary Elizabeth Mastratonio (sp) portrayed a strong woman.
BTW: I’m not that impressed with Linda Hamilton’s so-called “T-Woman” physical qualities. She was on a low-carb diet and worked out “at least” for 2-hours a day. She was VERY ripped, but certainly not buffed (as so many people have said before).
However, “Vasquez” (Goldstein) would win hands down as THE T-Woman of cinema history. (The original choice to portray Vasquez was none-other than Rachel McLish. But she declined due to the “four letter words” in the script…).

Thanks for that small correction brider (“attitude” as opposed to “in shape” overall). That’s more what I was looking for with my original post. I just wasn’t thinking of the right word. Although, in regards to T-Women, attitude and shape tend to go hand in hand. Carrie-Anne Moss is in amazing shape, IMO.

Yeah, Vasquez’ line, in answer to one of her team-mates:

Him (as she’s doing pull-ups on an I-beam coming out of stasis-sleep): Hey Vasquez! You ever been mistaken for a man?

Her deadpan reply: No. Have you?

Just classic!

And Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio in The Abyss – liked the movie, and she did have a “strong” role, with that whole “cast-iron bitch” thing, but I didn’t take it as anything physically strong.

And I keep trying to remember the title of that movie series that used a bunch of women cyborgs, and (I think) the fourth one of the series was described as “an excuse for XXXXXXX to take her clothes off.” Some lady (and I use the term loosly) bodybuilder… I’m just drawing a total blank on that one. Patricia, can you help me out here? IMDB was no help.

brider: okay…you’re challenging me here.

I do know this, that the movie “Cyborg” that starred Van Damm, spawned something like two sequels. The first one starred Angelina Jolie; the second, some unknown (and still unknown) actress.
There was another movie, called “Cyberzone” that starred our favorite “Beast Master”, Marc Singer. That was about a group of female cyborgs.

Did this help? As for IMDB: I find it’s only helpful if you know exactly what you’re looking for (actor’s name, title, etc.).

For some reason I kept coming up with “Nemesis,” but that didn’t bring up anything on IMDB (which was the frustrating part). Title had to be something along those lines. And not remembering her name is bugging me too. Geez, and I remember looking this one up about a year ago or so…

Okay, it WAS nemesis. Sue Price. Physically impressive in a movie that basically sucked. Sorry for all that.

Enter The Dragon

A fantastic example of a T-woman is Bruce Lees sister in the movie.

For all those who cannot remember or havent seen the movie let me fill you in.

A gang of Chinese guys led by Bob Wall( heavyweight world Karate champion) try to de-flower our lovely heroin. She promptly beats the shit out of 20 of them.

Eventually she gets cornered and rather than lose her honour and let them kill her she takes her own life with a shard of glass from a window she has smashed.

I cannot remember the her name but…Hard as nails!!

Angela Bassett. 40-something and STILL she rocks.

spiderman: I wanna say “Angela Mao”. And I think I’m right.

In her day, she was THE female “action star” in Asia. She’s been in other flicks besides “Enter”.

I’d say for women who could set the standard as the next “T-Women”: Jennifer Garner, Michelle Rodriguez and Eliza Dushku (who kicks so much as as “Faith” in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and now in “Angel”).

The ultimate movie T-woman is some chick in the movie Quest For Fire. I have no idea who she is or even what her characters name is, since there’s no dialogue in the movie. But, while she’s washing some prehistoric, ice-age utensils in the neighborhood stream, her Cro-Magnon dude comes up behind her lifts her legs up and has sex with her. Meanwhile, she CONTINUES to do the wash during and after sex! Now that is multitasking that only a true T-woman could pull off my friends

dcb, I believe that was Rae Dawn Chong in Quest for Fire. She didn’t miss a beat did she?

I liked Michelle Rodriguez in Girlfight and resident evil

Tri- I never realized that until you mentioned it. She must of been the one with the braided hair and the dried up mud make-up.

I agree with Char. Angela Bassett is built baby!