T-Woman, where are you?

Nate it seems to me like you’ve got just one thing holding you back. You’re a goddamned Gator fan! See Steve Spurrier is such a flippant, arrogant asshole,that women are probably realizing on an unconscious level that you like the Gators and that you identify with Spurrier. Women don’t like men like him and they are equating you with him,a sort of guilt by association if you will. See, if you liked the Vols I think you would find that the world is your oyster as Coach Fulmer is such a congenial,affable guy. You follow my logic? Go Vols!

Nate-I graduated in 97, so we probably worked out together at Gainesville Gym. I used to work out at Gold’s and on Campus (they had a bunch of med-x machines). But at Gainesville Gym, they have bumpers and now I want to learn Olympic weightlifting. I live in Orlando, work in Human Resources (typical office job), graduated in Psychology. I am a CSCS, but just for personal use. I don’t train anyone except my wife. Sano’s–that’s it. My wife still craves that. It must be the low fat advertising that creates so much appeal. Peace.

Mike A, I don’t think it’s because I’m a Gator fan. In fact, that is a plus. Because all the fine women are Gator fans. I’m sure I could get plenty of dates if I was a Vols fan because in Tennessee dating your sister or cousin is encouraged. I’m just not down with the inbreeding! Ha ha ha ha ha! :slight_smile:

JD, I bet we did train together. That's pretty cool. Actually, I was training in Olympic lifting with some friends of mine in 1998. I did that for about a year. And it just wasn't the thing for me. I didn't have the strength to keep up with the kids I was competing with. And my training partners were naturally strong so for them, that type of lifting kept them big and strong. I increased back and leg strength, but lost weight and some muscle mass.

Every once in a while, I join them for a workout and do some cleans or push presses. They are still competing and will be at the American Open in Louisiana.