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T vs HCG

Does anyone know if for the same increase in total T levels if achieving the results via using more T vs HCG come with a different impact on E2 levels. As I test different mixes between T and HCG I seem to have less E2 when I use more T and less HCG at the same total T level. Not sure if others have experienced similar or know of a medical reason why that would be.

I think hCG has some effects similar to E2 as well as stimulating the leydig cells. My gyno started acting up again after starting hCG even with an AI. I wonder how many other processes it’s involved in.

can both of you post what dosage of hcg you are using and how often ?

Depends. If you take just enough HCG to get the job done, and your balls are capable of producing adequate T, you shouldn’t get any more E2 response than a healthy LH level would give. Depending on protocol, HCG should provide more stable T levels. Without big peaks, there should be less aromatization. Quite a few generalizations and assumptions here. The only way to find out for sure is to try it. Managing E2 on HCG was quite a bit easier than it has been on a SERM for me. HCG mono was no worse than when I was on T and HCG, but I was injecting T 3x weekly. HCG also produced more free T as a % of Total T, but I only did one test while on HCG mono.

In my opinion one should always try a SERM first, then HCG, then T with ancillaries. SERMs seem less than optimal for me, so I’ll probably go back to HCG for as long as that works.

I need a more significant dose of AI when on Hcg than when on T.
With T replacement, you have one primary source of E: aromatization of T to E. With Hcg, you have two sources: (1) aromatization of T to E, and (2) increased production of E from the gonads.