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T-vixens - help needed

hi, im after some advice. My girlfriend has recently been around whilst Ive been looking at T-mag, and has become increasingly more aware of what she can achieve from her body. I have after some time managed to veer her away from doing solely cardio and leg exercises non stop for 100’s of reps -and recently she has adopted an upper/lower body training split 4 times a week with 2 sessions of intervals - this for her is an awesome achievement.

Until recently she had no goal, but I have surprised her by booking a holiday in september - and she basically wants to hit the beach in the shape of her life. My plan is to spend the next six weeks with basic routines to gain some mass on her, followed by eight weeks of cutting.

The mass part i am rairly ok on, but how would you reccomend to do the rest? I had thought bump the reps up to 12-15, and over six weeks bring her down to the 4-6 range. After this a two week ‘specialization’ week to bring out the cuts for the first day of hols. Nutrition wise after the mass gain period, I was going to have her follow a ‘temporal nutrition’ style diet, and then finish off the two final weeks with either t-dawg2 or keto depending on her bf%. What do you think - i really would be grateful if poeple like patricia, iron princess, cassandra ~karma~ could contribute as she really admires your phisiques.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I just want to help her achieve what she has always wanted.
Cheers, Dannyboy

Hi Danny. Glad to hear about your girlfriend; now, get her posting, too!

Hopefully I can be of some help here.

What exactly is her training like now? What do you have her doing? Compound movements? Hopefully so.

As for cardio, since she’s useto the long, steady state cardio; have her begin HIIT. Check out CT’s “Running Man” or Coach Davies’ “Renegade Rope Training”. Both are excellent ways of beginning HIIT.

As for diet, I wouldn’t recommend extreme changes, even for her cutting stage. I understand that she’s got these goals and you want to see her succeed; but ya gotta remember this is for the rest of her life. It’s a constant learning experience to find out what works in terms of diet and physical activity for you (or in this case, for her). So, first off have her begin a diet log. Look over it after a week or two. If there are a few things that need to be cut out; perhaps she’s having a heavy meal too late into the day, then cut that out and make her eat more earlier in the day, less as it progresses. The majority of her carbs could be eaten earlier in the day, too.

By these small changes, combined with HIIT and a sound weight training program; she should experience some great results. AND the plus side is that her interest will remain long after you’ve come back from your holiday.

She’ll be hitting that beach in the shape of her life; in terms of conditioning and knowledge.