T-Vixens favorite supplements?

Here’s one for the T-Vixens. My Wife is going to try to tone up some in the lower region during our 3 month break from school. She is Hypothyroid so no T-2(shes already on a T-3/T-4 combo). So what supplements worked the best so far for you ladies to put on muscle, and lose fat? (don’t worry about the diet, she’s got it dialed in).

I really like American Xenadrine by Cytodine as well as Flax seed oil to help keep my skin and hair looking good. I use Prolab power (24g/32g serving) as well. I am waiting for MD6 to arrive and will let you know how that goes. I also take 5-10grams of glutamine through out the day and right before bed to help with immune system, recovery and maintaining muscle. These all work really well for me. If I have an event I usually do a 3 day cycle of diuretics…or if I’m bloated b/c if “that time of the month.” I’m trying out Tarataxatone by cytodine and its pretty average…nothing special…hope this helped…Jenn

Try yohimbe. It’s tendency to increase lower body circulation helps with fat loss below the waist (and it helps with sexual sensitivity).

MD6 and Methoxy-7 taken together is incredible! That would be my first suggestion.