T-vixen questions

This is a question for the T-vixens. I’m trying to make some training/dietary adjustments for my wife. The training modifications you guys gave in the roundtable were excellent. I have some dietary questions though. What calorie guidelines do you guys follow? T-dawg, massive eating…? I’m slowly getting her up to 1.0g/lb on protein and adding EFA’s but not sure about total calories. She’s got a rock-hard upper-body so I’ve focused her training on the compound posterior chain exercises to harden up her butt/legs. Can you guys please give me some specifics regarding diet. I’d really appreciate it.

I don’t think she can train legs to maek her legs “rock hard” just like her upper body as you cannot spot reduce. I’d do the average of Don’t Diet and T-Dawg and adjust from there.

I follow no specific guidelines; however I have read all of John Berardi’s articles on T-Mag and do eat “clean”.

I don’t count calories. But I’ve been doing this for a long time, so I don’t need to. If I feel lacking in energy, it’s usually due to not eating enough, so I modify accordingly.

As Stella said: you cannot spot reduce. And what’s happening with your wife is the usual case for many, many women.

You need to find out what BF% your wife has and have her begin a food log (if she hasn’t already). Your wife should also try HIIT like sprints (or a run/sprint combo). That should help.

And does she want to get a “rock hard” lower body due to a show?