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T-vixen newbie

I am new to working out and i was wondering what good advice people could offer me. Where should i start? Where is a good place to start researching how to get into shape for a girl, weight training, cardio, diet, etc.

Most of the things written for guys, will apply to you too. Read the “Diet Manifesto” article first, then the “Dawg School” columns. Lots of great eating and training programs on this site, use the search engine on the main page.

Hey Jenna, welcome aboard! It’s always nice to have a new T-vixen on the forum. It’s also great to know you have a desire to learn. So here’s my advice: Keep It Simple Stupid (K.I.S.S)! Many people are going to give you advice about training and nutrition and it’s only going to confuse you. So for recommended reading, check out the following articles. They will be a great way to start out.

First, for nutrition advice, check out Chris Shugart's "Diet Manifesto" (http://www.testosterone.net/html/136diet.html) This will help you figure out what type of diet you should follow depending on your goals. One thing I will add is that you should rely on plenty of fruits, vegetables and lean meats in your diet. I think whole food is the best source of everything you need to reach your goals. Try to eliminate or reduce junk food, soda, coffee and other useless crap.

For basic training advice, check out the Dawg School article for beginners (http://t-mag.com/html/130dawg.html). As a beginner, I would recommend three weight training days a week. Use the basic exercises and sets and reps depending on your goals.

Cardio is going to help you accomplish your goals, and my advice is to do something fun. I don’t understand how people can go to the gym to run on a treadmill, bike or stair stepper instead of going outside and doing something more fun! Get some fresh air, go with some friends and have a good time. I personally enjoy mountain biking, in-line skating, sprinting, swimming and volleyball. But depending on if I am trying to get lean, I will add some cardio after my weight workout while I’m at the gym. For more info on how to use cardio for gaining or losing, check out John Berardi’s article “Appetite for Construction” (http://www.t-mag.com/articles/155app.html).
That should be all you really need to know to get you started. As you gain some experience and make changes to your body, check out some of the other programs and articles at T-mag. You’ll be on your way to reaching all your goals. Just don’t go overboard and try to learn too much at once. It’s better to do it than keep thinking about it. Also, many of these articles will work whether you are male or female. Just listen to your body and do what works best for you. And if you are in Florida and need a T-man to hang with, hit me up! :slight_smile:

The most important thing is that you have found this web site. I know much of it is written from the male perspective, but Ironbabe is correct, the information can be applied to women as well. This web site has the best, most reliable information, and everyone who frequents this site seems genuinely interested in helping each other out with their programs. Good luck to you.

I have one piece of advice for you and one piece of advice only. My friend and I were recently discussing how the federal goverment should mandate that ALL schools educate girls on this issue starting at around age 13. You must SQUAT!!! And squat DEEP!!! DO NOT avoid squats! If you want a great ass, squat squat SQUAT!!! And then go BACK to the squat rack and squat some more!!! Not Smith machine squats, not hack squats, not any kind of “machine” squats, just a free bar and some plates – REAL SQUATS! (Thank you). :slight_smile:

natedog- this joel from oregon. First off CALM DOWN. Thats my sister and shes only 14. anyway thats great advice natedog, thanks.
damici- do you think she wants a big waist. Fitness, not powerlifting. I could see throwing it in every now and then but, to much squats for a girl will give a big waist.

I didn’s say SUPERHEAVY squats! Ask King, Poliquin, etc. and they will tell you that squatting properly WILL NOT increase your waist size. PLEASE DON’T SCARE HER AWAY FROM SQUATS!!!

I wish I’d started at 14 . . . Good luck, don’t give up.

Joel, what’s up bro? How are things shaking in Oregon? By the way, I’m always calm bro. Just offering simple advice that everyone should pay attention to no matter how long they’ve been training. And I agree about the squats. They will do wonders for anyBODY. :slight_smile:

Hello Jenna!

Welcome to the sub culture of bodybuilding/fitness/weightlifting ect. I will not rehash what Ironbabe and the rest of the gang said about training. Do as they recommend and read those articles. But, I will say this; learn to listen to your body. What you will find is that most Americans have absolutely no clue what their body is trying to tell them. Your body wants to be exercised, fed well, and treated as the temple it is. Learn to know what when a craving is physiological and psychological. Give your body what it needs and it will be very good back to you.

Good luck and happy training!


Shouldn’t someone warn her about reading my posts?

"MB Eric: Welcoming new T-freaks to his jungle, he's got fun 'n games...'n toys. Since 1766."


Okay Joel, I understand you’re just trying to protect a sib. That’s okay. Check out Miriam Power’s website, then come back and tell us what you found.

brider-what is the exact addy. nothing came up in my search.

Please give the URL!



SQUAT and continue to learn from T-MAG. It is the hardest exercise known to man but it is so because it is the most effective bar none. And T-MAG is the single best place to go to learn how to look good nekkid! Woooohhhooooo!!! AAAAnnyway, what are you concerned with losing fat (you’re too fat) or gaining muscle (you’re too skinny)?

Check out the “Beginner’s Blast Off Program” in a past Dawg School article at T-mag.

I interviewed Mariam Power a while back. Just do a search for her name and it will come up. BTW, I don’t think a 14 year old girl should adopt the program of a world champion powerlifter, but there are a few things you could learn from her.

The URL for Chris’ interview is http://t-mag.com/html/body_118vix.html

I was directing my post specifically at Joel's concern for a "thick middle" from squats. I was just giving a visual example of some real world results of a lady with a long history of squatting. The interview tells what her training was like when she was a teenager.

I think I used to work w/you, r u from jersey?