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T-Vixen help


I am looking for tips in training a t-vixen. Her goals are to loose fat and gain muscle in her legs/glutes, and also to tighten up and shape her calves. Any suggestions from t-vixens or anyone else re: diet, cardio sessions, or training would be much appreciated.


You, incert your manhood into the Vaginal hole :wink:(sorry, if I offened anyone I couldn't resist). In all serriousness though, women shouldn't train any diffrent then men. If you do a search in our search engine you'll find that out real quick.

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You should start by making sure that she does loads of cardio, but no weight training on her upper body or she'll get all bulky. Then, when you train her glutes, legs, and calves make sure she does like 50 reps of super light weight so she doesn't build too much...just tones up.


Seriously, you'll need to take the time to explain to her that you can't focus on one body part to the exclusion of all others. Just like most guys want to train chest and arms you're going to have to convince her that she has to train her whole body with a greater focus on the problem areas. Remember that there is no such thing as spot reducing.

As for diets, there are several on here. Look up "The New Diet Manifesto" and take your pick.


Guys, thanks for all the help. I loved the part where you made some suggestions re: specific dieting and training. If anyone has some personal insight to offer, other than telling me to read an article that I've already read, written by someone else, feel free to post on this thread.



I have a monstrous thread going on regarding the same thing..
"Should I change my diet??"

The same rules for guys apply for the ladies as well so have a look at it and take from it what you think to be useful.

In it I have posted a summary of the thread and pretty much all the important stuff to read on this board and elsewhere..

Warning it is long.. 137 posts and counting.


umm what is wrong with the articles?


RIT Jared, Kinetix has given you good advice. Don't let your friend make the mistake of thinking she has to work only on her lower body. I have yet to see one woman at my gym -- even if she's already in good shape -- who wouldn't look better with a sexy v-shape. I know that adding muscle to my upper body has made me look much better.

Make sure you get her started on compound movements right away, even though she'll be lifting light at first. (I'm presuming from your post she's a beginner.) When I first started training I was the weakest girlie woman you could ever hope to meet and wasn't using compound movements. Once I started with them, I never looked back. You have your choice of any number of training and diet programs around here. Pick one for each goal and get started. Make sure to periodize her training.

If she does cardio, make sure she doesn't overdo it. Excessive cardio will most likely eat into her strength and muscle gains. From my personal experience I've also found doing huge amounts of cardio never made me lean. Changing my diet is what's made the difference for me.

So there you have a little about one T-woman's personal experience.

I suggest you post your friend's stats - weight, height, BF %. Maybe Tampa Terry, our nutritional guru-in-residence will show up and offer more specific advice to help your friend reach her goal.


Hey, there, RIT Jared!!! The reason you're being told to use the search engine and read the articles is because there really aren't any easy, fast answers. There's a lot of decisions that need to be made in a number of areas and a lot of personal preference that comes into play. The answer is more of a book than it is even a single article.

My number one suggestion is that you get your T-Vixen friend to start reading T-Mag herself; the Training & Nutrition Forum and the Previous Issues Section, both. She needs to take charge of her "transformation" even if you're willing to help. As I'm sure you know, having read the forum, any transformation is going to involve an integrated approach in which diet is fine-tuned, cardio is done and a weight-bearing program is implemented.

As has been said by other posters, the game is almost exactly the same, whether the person wanting to manipulate their body composition is male or female. The two areas in which I can remember a difference is that I've read it is better for men to create their caloric deficit to a greater degree with diet and better for women to create a caloric deficit to a greater degree with exercise. Second, women usually require a lower multiple (i.e., less calories) when calculating maintenance or diet calories.

Definitely take a look at T-Dawg 2.0. It's my favorite diet here on T-Mag. A lot of people here have gotten great results without too terribly much deprivation. If your friend needs help running the numbers, have her read T-Dawg 2.0 and TheBow's thread, as he suggested, and join T-Nation as you have. At that point, we'd be glad to help her sort through things, give our opinions, answer specific questions, and just generally help her dial things in.


How did I know T-T would show up? :wink:

Now all you need is some input from Patricia, our resident strongwoman.


Thanks everyone. P-DOG, there is nothing wrong with the articles. I've read them all, or at least a very high portion of them so I was just looking for some insight as to which programs and articles I should make use of, which I got. I had wanted some female input, so that I could say that I got it-- believe it or not, some women are very sensitive about these types of things, and want another woman to say things like "Yes, these are compound movements that not many other girls do-- but no, they will not 'turn you into a man'." Any other input would be greatly appreciated. The female in question is 5'6", 129lbs, 17% bf, if that helps.

Oh, and fitone, insert is spelled with an "S", not a "C". I know the two letters sound the same in many words... Like "incest" and "sister" for example. :slight_smile: