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Hello! I am an aspiring fitness competitor and was wondering if T-Nation members could help me with some fat loss tips. Does anyone know of any reliable fat loss supplements other than Ephedra? Thanks, I appreciate it!

You must be pretty new around here. Welcome!

Hot-Rox is the way to go. Here’s a link to some info:


I second the Hot-rox.

Welcome to the T-nation!

Hot Rox and clean diet are a great combo, so I hear

Thanks for the input. I just bought some Hot-Rox today and have already noticed a difference in my cardio session. I hope this works! You guys are great!

When you’re a world famous fitness competitor don’t forget all of us little people that where there in the beginning!! :wink:

don’t forget to post your progress on ‘pictures’ topic.

i am curious about hot-rox myself.

i used hydroxycut (sorry t-mag), ate clean and did alot of cardio with some good results.


Thanks again! I appreciate the feedback. I will definatly let you guys know how this product works for me. Also, my friend said something about the possibility of HOT-ROX complicating the ovulation cycle, but I saw some posts on here stating otherwise. Some people are so quick to judge. Oh well, thats what you have to expect and not let get to you. Take care!